Water News – East (please share)
Mostly good news. The clearing of sludge from the settling tanks is underway. One side is complete, and pic shows the sparkling water leaving the tank. The other side will be finished once a TLB has dug a further trench to bury the sludge, so pumping/ cleaning had stopped at 10.30am this morning. Once this work is complete the water supplied to the Joza side of town should look cleaner and clearer.
The James Kleynhans pumping station uses large tanks of chorine gas for water treatment. Due to corrosion the pipes had perished, making it impossible to apply the chlorine. Consequently Makana has been purchasing chlorine tablets of the sort used to chlorinate swimming pools. This morning (Weds 13th June) it was clear that some repair work has been completed and pipes replaced, but the work incomplete, meaning that chlorine tablets are still being used to treat the water. (The Advisory to Boil all water before drinking is still in place). GRA are told that the repair work will be completed on Friday 15th, and then East Grahamstown should have reliably clean water.
Because the water for East Grahamstown is supplied from Orange River through transfers, this supply is secure and no known risk of shortages.