Water News – West (please share)
The major break in the pipe from Howieson Poort towards Waainek wasn’t a burst pipe, rather a high-pressure seal had perished. A repair was completed on Tuesday and water fully restored. But the new seal is a lower rating than required for a permanent repair, so a further repair will be required once a higher rated seal can be secured. This approach has allowed water to be restored as quickly as possible.
The dam levels for West Grahamstown are a concern. Howieson is now at about 70%* from about 95% a month ago. Settlers has also dropped, from about 24% to 21%. All these percentages are approximations. The meters for both dams are not functioning correctly (they read HP 40% and Settlers 0.5%).
At current demand the west side of Grahamstown uses about 1% of Howieson Poort per day. It is not clear how much of the remaining Settlers water can be pumped to help top up Howieson Poort.
*(the level has dropped from just over 13.5 metres to 11.9 metres, but the gentle slope at the top levels mean that the first couple of metres from the top accounts for a higher percentage of water).