Water update: Status of bulk water supply in Grahamstown is as follows: Waainek incoming volume: 7989 kl from H’sonspoort supply and 7649 kl final water. Current final outlet meter 130 l/s. Laydam supply 564 kl. Current inflow rate 92 l/s from H’sonspoort, and direct supply of 13 l/s from Town filters, and 0 l/s from laydams. Avg Raw water turbidity 4.33 NTU. Avg Final water 0.91 NTU. Avg Final Free Chlorine 1.54 mg/l. Inside lay dam 90%. Outside dam 95%. H’sonspoort Dam level 58%. Guage plate has broken off and fell into the dam. H’sons pump 3 pumped 24.1hours. Settlers Dam pump 2 and 3 is running at 0 l/s. Settlers level 24%. High Res level 69%. Intermediate Res 1 level 86%. Intermediate Res 2 is 100%. Low Res 40%. James Kleynhans raw meter 13081 kl and pumped 9309 kl. Current inflow meter flow rate 156 l/s and pump rate 143 l/s. Avg Raw water 92.1 NTU. Avg Final water Turbidity 3.57 NTU. Avg Final Free Chlorine 1.10 mg/l. Bothas Hill Res level 50 %. Mayfield Res level 0%. Tantyi Res 32%.

The divers were in Settlers Dam to clean out the guage plate now it’s clear.

Please continue to use the MobiSAM system to report any leaks.