Water Update – Sunday 30th
Settlers 20% Howieson Poort 48%

If Settlers can be pumped to about 10% that means around 70 days of water, and Howieson down to around 8% thats a further 40 days. We are dealing with estimates, and this is best case scenario in the absence of heavy rains.

GRA has been in contact with Makana daily trying to get details of the Blackwater divers report and analysis for water going forward. According to a/MM Dali Mlenzana the dam water may last until mid-November – which agrees with the figures above. Some funding has been received and a total of R22 Million has been applied for remedial works at both dams in order to pump as far down as possible.

Of course heavy rainfall would improve the prognosis.

We are assured that Makana will release a report on Monday. In the meantime, currently dam water is still being pumped at about 70% of normal rate. A problem has emerged in pumping from Settlers and water is being lost due leakage, the latest report says if this gets any worse Settlers pumps will have to be switched off for a week. Bosche Stemele are busy with quotations.

What the Blackwater divers report should tell us is the level of silting and other debris in the dams, and also the state of the outlets – whether they are obstructed, corroded etc. This will all have a bearing on how much water is left and what works are required to pump to lower levels.

Once there is no dam water available we will all be reliant on water originating from the Orange River, and the maximum capacity from that source is around 60% of the normal total demand across Grahamstown. At present that water cannot reach high lying areas.

To safeguard high lying areas, plans are being developed to install a booster pump so that transferred water (from Orange River) can be pumped to the High Level Reservoir.

MAKANA WATER RESTRICTIONS – please share and alert someone if you see a breach

• Limit total water use to a maximum of 100 litres per person per day (includes washing, flushing, laundry, cooking), and
• To use Municipal drinking water only for essential indoors use.

View the public notice here.